As a society, we need to see the landscape differently; we need to understand that centuries of use and misuse, has left Scotland as a nature-depleted country.

Rewilding is as much a change in mindset as it is a physical change to the land or sea. We are committed to inspiring fresh thinking and igniting new conversations around the potential of a rewilded Scotland, but we also recognise that for many people, perceiving the Scottish landscape differently isn’t an easy shift in thinking.

People’s values are complex and motivated by a variety of factors and for some, rewilding in Scotland is seen as a mechanism for creating a people-less wilderness. Building Bridges works to dispel the notion that Scotland has to choose between nature and people and that through creative collaboration, both can prosper equally.

Rewilding has come a long way in the last decade or so, but its future rests with people and their willingness to embrace change as an opportunity rather than a threat.  Building Bridges seeks to cross traditional cultural boundaries and create new solutions.

Why is it important?

  • Conversations around rewilding can be fractious, blocking pathways to consensus. Building knowledge, sharing stories and listening to different perspectives can help open these pathways.
  • A narrative of despair and division rarely propels people into behavioural change. Instead we need to find common ground and unite around positive visions of new tomorrows.

It’s time to rewrite nature's story. Together.

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