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There’s a growing scientific consensus that the next 30 years will be decisive for nature. Just 30 years.

Within this frighteningly narrow window the people of Scotland will make choices as a society and as individuals. With climatic and biodiversity breakdown looming, the worst choice we can make is to do nothing.



We can choose to expand our pinewoods and rainforests into a grand nationwide network.

We can choose to re-wet our peatlands and to have flower-rich meadows in our towns and cities.

We can choose to live alongside beavers and lynx and all the other animals that belong in Scotland.

We can choose to give nature the freedom it needs and to protect our seas so that they are rich and abundant in life.

We can choose rewilding over continuing decline.


SCOTLAND: The Big Picture was a founding member of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance, a growing coalition of like-minded organisations who share a mission to enable rewilding at a scale new to Scotland. By working together, our voice is louder and our influence stronger.


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