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SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a voice for rewilding. Our aim is to inform and inspire fresh thinking around the benefits of a wilder Scotland.

What is SCOTLAND: The Big Picture?

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a non-profit social enterprise founded by a group of professional communicators motivated by the need to rebuild healthy ecosystems where wildlife and people flourish.  

Our job is to win hearts and minds and to build community. We work with a range of partners and clients to produce innovative films, books, photo-stories, presentations and education resources, all designed to inform, inspire and influence fresh thinking around the benefits of a wilder Scotland.

Where is SCOTLAND: The Big Picture?

We are based in the Scottish Highlands – the Cairngorms National Park is our local patch – but our team of contributors work all over Scotland and sometimes beyond.

Who is SCOTLAND: The Big Picture?

We are a team of professional photographers, filmmakers, writers, designers and educators. Between us we have over 100 years of experience in telling compelling stories about the natural world, across a wide range of media platforms.

Meet the team.

What is our ethos?

We are passionate people committed to contributing to positive change. We also believe in honesty, transparency and respect. We believe that wild nature enriches people’s lives and that rewilding presents Scotland with a huge opportunity, but we also understand others may have a different perspective. 

Thinking 'wild' can be problematic in Scotland because 'wild' has come to be associated with the absence of people. Wild is defined in the dictionary by what it’s not: not cultivated, not civilised, uninhabited, inhospitable. But wild shouldn’t be about what it’s not, it should be about what it gives us. Wild gives us clean air and water, healthy soils and a stable climate. Without wild, none of us would be here.

Perceiving the Scottish landscape differently and seeing wild nature as not only an essential element of life, but as a symbol of a modern, fair-minded and prosperous society, might not be an easy shift in thinking for some. Rewilding then, is as much a philosophical shift in perceptions and attitudes as it is a physical process.

We are committed to communicating our vision for a wilder Scotland but we will do so within a respectful dialogue that recognises different people's belief systems.

How are we funded?

As a social enterprise, we have no shareholders and any surplus funds are reinvested in our work. Part of our income is derived from commissions and product sales, but we also rely on the support of individuals and organisations who share our vision and recognise the value of investing in high-quality communications. 

Our Think Like A Mountain community is a meeting place for people who have an understanding and appreciation for all living organisms and their interconnectedness, from the tiniest of bacteria to an apex predator and everything in between. 


What is our vision?

The establishment of an interconnected network of rewilded land and sea across large parts of Scotland, in which wildlife and people flourish.

Over time, the ability of Scotland’s land and sea to sustain life has been diminished. We believe that improved ecological understanding will allow us to see new opportunities in a landscape where:


  • Wild forests are expanding; improving soil quality, water absorption and climate regulation whilst allowing animals greater freedom to roam.
  • Rivers lined by alder and willow are allowed to meander as they want collecting natural debris that creates pools for salmon and trout, while enriching the water for insects and bird life.
  • A greater diversity and abundance of wildlife is thriving, including key species such as beaver and lynx. 
  • Natural processes are valued, understood and functioning efficiently to shape significant parts of our landscape, providing tangible benefits to a wide range of people.
  • Extensive areas of peatland have been repaired to store more carbon, purify more water and mitigate flood risk and are hosting a full complement of moorland species, including raptors.
  • At sea, a wider network of Marine Protected Areas is established and a healthier marine environment is supporting a greater number of indicator species such as whales and dolphins.
  • Vibrant communities are thriving in a nature-based economy that integrates their economic and social needs with the long-term restoration of species and habitats.

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